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We only offer Central Asian Shepherd Puppies For Sale that align with our mission and vision.

About Grand Central Asians
We are a small, home based breeding program that focuses on breeding quality Central Asian Shepherd Dogs. We are a breeder of a rare breed of ancient dogs (read about the breed here). In our opinion, what we do is a great responsibility because every breeder should strive to act for the betterment of the breed. For example, we strive to improve  the breed's health while preserving its working ability. This is particularly important for a breed as ancient as this one and breed of dogs that work as family protection dogs and livestock guardian dogs. These dogs  have an important job to do: to protect well-being and lives.  In our program, we emphasize structural quality and sound temperament. We are breeding selectively and rarely. Quality over quantity is our motto.  Please read our Code of Ethics to find out how we go about breeding, raising and selling puppies. We sell our dogs for their working purposes that is as family and personal protection as well as livestock guardian dogs. Protection is their natural ability bred into them for thousands of years. While Central Asian Shepherd Dogs make great pets, it is their secondary role. In today's society it is great to have a loving protector on your hands who is also your pet or livestock guardian.
In our program we do our best to assist you with your puppy search to ensure that you are happy with your puppy find. We also provide you with tips on puppy training that worked for us.
However, please remember, everyone has their own training strategies that work for them. We are only suggesting you what has worked for us. We will always recommend that you see a professional trainer and attend obedience classes.

Whether we currently have Central Asian Shepherd puppies for sale or whether we are in a planning phases, we want to make sure you are always informed about our endeavors. At the end of the journey you will end up with great deal of knowledge and perhaps a small furry bundle of Central Asian Shepherd Grand Central Asians  love to protect your family,  and everything what is yours.

Who are we and who do we want to become:
Our Mission
The mission of Grand Central Asians is to breed and raise Central Asian Shepherd Dogs of sound temperament and structure that are genetically diverse and meet the standards of Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), United Kennel Club (UKC) and American Kennel Club (AKC). We focus on placing our puppies in the most loving environment possible making their owners part of our family.

Our Vision

The vision of Grand Central Asians is to become a leading breeder of Central Asian Shepherd Dogs in the United States with the main focus to aid in the preservation of the breed, continue to promote overall health, stable temperaments, structure as stated by the standard through proven lines and to continue diversifying the genetic pool of the CAS population in the USA by importing new lines. We plan on achieving this through collaboration with the top breeders across the U.S.A. and the world. 
Our goal is to show the beauty, loyalty and capability of this breed to people who are in need of loving companions, property and family guards or livestock guardians. 

About us, the owners

We, Ania and Greg, are married and living in Middle Georgia on 8 acres of land surrounded by trees and pasture. In addition to our dogs, we own goats  ducks and chickens. We will be adding sheep and cattle very soon. Both of us are working professionals so breeding is something we are passionate about, it is not something we have to do. We do not rely on breeding as our source of income. This helps us greatly because it allows us to be very selective in our breeding. We only offer dogs and puppies for sale from matings that are well thought out. Together we make a team that works hard on offering the best quality dogs we possibly can. We are the Grand Central Asians, Home of Central Asian Shepherd dogs, ancient breed of natural protectors.

Ania holds a Ph.D.  and works as an assistant professor at Mercer University. Gregory holds M.S. degree in Kinesiology and B.S. in Athletic Training. He works as a rehabilitation specialist at Robins Air Force Base.  In terms of dog experience: Ania comes from a family of dog breeders. Her dad bred Great Danes. The month Ania was born, her dad also had 7 healthy Great Dane puppies running around their place. Ania has been growing  up surrounded by dogs bred by her father and livestock belonging to the family of farmers. Ania had her first Central Asian Shepherd already as a teenager. CAS dogs are much more popular in Poland than they are in the USA which is how Ania had a chance to frequently encounter dogs from this beautiful breed. From the moment the family owned a CAS many years ago, they all fell in love with the breed. Even Ania's dad who was a Great Dane breeder said that if he was ever to breed again, he would choose a Central Asian Shepherd as his breed of choice. With owning a CAS in her teenage years, Ania, therefore, collected her experience with the breed for well over 10 years, which, given her age, is more than a 3rd of her entire life. Greg, on the other hand, also grew up surrounded by dogs. He has some experience in training service dogs in which he engaged earlier in his life.

On a personal note, Ania was an athlete while Greg relying on his expertise enables athletes to reach their fullest potential and stay injury-free. Both Ania and Greg have an eye for structure and love research. Ania researches dogs' genealogy and reads studies on health tests and their predictions while Greg focuses on studying dog structure and health. Ania and Greg make a great team who love their dogs! It's the love and passion for this wonderful breed that made them decide to become breeders and share the love for Central Asian Shepherd Dogs with others through selective breeding that aligns with their mission and vision. When we offer you a puppy for sale, you can be sure that we have tried our best to match your needs with this puppy's capabilities. Whether you need a livestock guardian dog, family and/or property protection dog that is also a lovable member of your family that will always make sure that you are safe, we are here to help.