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Name: Bohun -(Bo-hoon)

UKC Name: Foxfire Black Heart Ataman

Breeder: Jeanine DePalma Foxfire

Owner: Grand Central Asians


Color: Brindle (Silver Brown)

Character: Strong, Reactive, Protective, Loving to the members of our family.  Bohun is a very loving and submissive dog to his owners.  However he is very protective and defensive of his territory and the ones he loves, even when it is not needed.  Bohun has an immature personally regardless of his age (over 4 years old), he can sometimes act very puppy like.  He has a very defensive/protective temperament. Unfortunately, regardless of socialization and tremendous amount of training, he still does not cope well with changes in environment. He gets very uncomfortable when things are out of ordinary. He enjoys long walks, belly rubs, treats, and hot dogs.  

Physical Characteristics: Bohun has medium double coat, good strong muscular structure, straight legs, mild angulation at best, and scissor bite. He has an amazing “bouncy” gait regardless of his lack of angualtion.  Bohun is very athletic and performs short burst sprinting or long distance without issue.   

Overview: Bohun can be overly defensive and he does not adjust well to changes in the environment. Outside of home environment, he is quite unpredictable. However, he is always submissive and loving to the members of his family which is why he will always be our pet. Bohun’s gait is tremendous and his personality around family is great. He is great in the house and outside, on the property but not off the property.  A loyal family member and guardian, Bohun is a blessing to our family but his temperament type would not be recommended to a beginner. Bohun has been removed from our breeding program because of his temperament. We chose to retire him prior to breeding because we would not want his excessively aggressive temperament and lack of confidence to be passed onto future generations. However, he will remain with us as a loving pet.