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Past Litters

Litter C: Ashdar and Wiktoria (Saba)  here

Litter B: Big Top Boys, Bojar Barchan Ch Ch x Ezis Ata Ene FCI (Elza)

This is probably the most exciting page on the entire Grand Central Asians Website. While we encourage you to read our blog to learn more about us and the breed, the official "about the breed" section, to learn about us and about our code of ethics, We realize that PUPPIES (!!!!) will always be the most exciting part of our web page. After all, who doesn't love cute and cuddly puppies? On this page, you can review our current or planned litters as well as our past litters which will include fairly up-to-date pictures of dogs from those litters. Just click on appropriate image/text to help you navigate to the appropriate section of the website.

Litter A: Ancient gods, Rahman Zogcza x Wiktoria Avendesora Poland