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Name: Gryf

UKC Name:

UKC Champion Gryf Beskerm FCI TT

(Temperament Tested)

Breeder: Beskerm FCI

Owner: Grand Central Asians

Sex: Male

Color: Black with while markings

Gryf is an imported male from Poland. He is a young adult male who always had a lot of potential. We spend a lot of time socializing him so he is always happy to be around people but he is prepared to guard at any time. Of course socialization did not affect his guarding abilities. At two  years of age, he is extremely confident. He alerts and postures when he faces negative changes in environment, strangers approaching property, stray dogs. He is great at assessing the environment and adjusts according to situation. He also responds to our feedback very well. He holds an official "temperament tested" title from the American Temperament Test Society. He is UKC championed in conformation.

Gryf was born in November 2013.

His health tests results are great.  Please review his official health results on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website for results. Based on results of his health tests, his structure and temperament we determined that has was a good candidate to sire a litter. His first litter turned out nicely, although they are still young. So far we absolutely love how he has developed and his current health results. We love his temperament, structure and his classic head. We are now offering him for stu services.