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Visual Pedigree

Our Female: Elza

UKC Name:

UKC Champion Ezis Ata Ene TT

(Temperament Tested)

Breeder: Ata-Ene FCI

Owner: Grand Central Asians


Color: White with Brown Spots

Background: Elza comes from Poland. We flown to Poland to get her. Her lines are both show and working. She has World Champion in her lines and many national and international Champions. Three to four generations of her pedigree has been health and temperament tested with excellent passing scores. Elza's litter-mates are working both as livestock guardians and personal protection dogs. Like Elza, they easily transition from show to working and back. We are extremely happy to have her as one of our foundation dogs.

Character: Elza is the alpha of the house and is a very mature bitch.  She has the ideal temperament she is extremely loving and calm in the house. She plays with her pack-mates a lot. She also likes to play with other dogs when she is outside of her territory.  She is very tolerant of guests in the house when properly introduced. She knows when to protect and when to relax.  She has a very motherly way with puppies and knows when to love as well as when to correct.  She is a UKC Champion and she holds an official "Temperament Tested" title from the American Temperament Test Society.

Physical Characteristics: Elza is built very stout with a strong and wide chest.  She has a bear-shaped head which is in line with standard.  She has very robust body. Has a beautiful gait. Elza is very athletic and loves to sprint around the yard.  She is a better sprinter than jogger.
Overview:  Our home would not be the same without Elza.  Her strong build and regal head give her a very impressive appearance and her ideal temperament makes her a fantastic guardian and pet.  With Elza we can have people in the house but never worry about anyone breaking in. Elza has the personality of the ideal guardian.

Due to a difficult delivery of her B litter, Elza had to have an emergency C-Section which was followed by a spay procedure. She is now an auntie to all the puppies on the property helping us to raise them. She also makes a wonderful guardian to humans and livestock. We are happy to have her as part of our family,