Our Female: Saba

UKC Name: Wiktoria Avendesora

Breeder: Avendesora Poland (FCI)

Sex: Female

Color: White with Brindle

Character: Saba has your prototypical guardian temperament.  She protects her family in her house but it is a very playful dog off her territory.  She knows when she is on or off work.  She is very loving to her family and tolerates the children pestering constantly. Saba enjoys fish, play time with other dogs, and a good walk in the park.

Physical Characteristics: Saba is a lean averaged size female perfect size for your average household.  She has a very nice “brick” head.  She has very large paws , which show from her pedigree.  She has very athletic, bouncy and free flowing gait.  Saba is a very athletic animal.

Overview:  Saba’s love of play is a fantastic attribute to have.  Her joyfulness and attitude towards family and to other dogs, when off her territory, second to none.  Saba’s work like attitude at home and relaxed approach when off her premises show her fantastic temperament.  Saba is a wonderful addition to our family.

Offspring: Saba has produced some of the nicest representatives of the breed in USA. In addition, as of 7/6/2018, out of those that have been health tested, so far, all have been OFA good on hips and elbows were normal. This is something to be happy about. Finally, her offspring works as Livestock Guardian Dogs AND as personal/estate guardians. She really produces great pups. We are very pleased with her. 

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