Xansa is amazing. She is calm and appears friendly. We can have guests over without a problem with a quick introduction. However, she is not a fan of occasional workers coming by. She will let them know but she will not act upon it unless there was a problem. There never was the problem but she was watching them to make sure of that. We are quite certain that she will engage if necessary. We have seen her protect the goats and this princess changes from angelic self to a fierce protector. 

That being said, Xansa is very protective of our goats. She will not let anyone mess with them. We can bring interested buyers in but she will watch them. She is very protective especially when it comes to strange dogs. As soon as she figures out that the intentions of a dog are bad, she is on guard. Overall, Xansa is sweet but certainly on duty. 

Xansa is phenomenal with our twins. 

Name: Xansa (Princess)

UKC Name: Enchanted Xansa

Breeder: Enchanted, Jennifer and Brad Anderson

Sex; Female

Color: Fawn

Born August 2018

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