Our Dogs


Our dogs, Grand Central Asians, are pure bred Central Asian Shepherd dogs (CAS). Almost all of our dogs were imported from the old continent to ensure their genetic variability and that we have the best dogs we can have.

Our dogs are our family members. They define us as a family. Because of that they are incorporated into our daily lives. We play with them and train them. We also take them on long daily walks or they join us as our jogging partners. However, there is no doubt that they also have a job to do. They protect us 24/7. Their natural protective instincts ensure our safety. Some of our dogs work as livestock guardian dogs. Others are property and family protections dogs. Regardless of their job, they always play an important role in our lives. They have our love and care and we have theirs.

Below, you can find more details about our males and females and additional pictures from our daily lives.

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