Click on image to enlarge... Litter A: Ancient Gods, from baby to now

Below you can find information about our last litter of puppies!

Puppies were born July 12th, 2014

We are pleased to announce that the litter from Saba Aksasal (owned by Grand Central Asians) and Rahman Zogcza (owned by Beata Bak) named "Litter A: Ancient Gods" was sold to approved homes. If you are interested in one of our puppies, please make sure to fill out an application for future litters.

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The meaning behind the names. Our first litter (Born in July 2014) was named after the Ancient Gods.

Grand Central Asians Alfadur

Alfadur is a Nordic god of wisdom. He was considered the most revered Nordic God. He is also known as Odin. Alfadur lives in South Carolina now guarding his owner and her Silkens and Cotons. Alfadur's call name is Vito.  Alfadur also finished his UKC championship at tender age of 7 months.

Grand Central Asians Anubis
Anubis is an Egyptian god of afterlife. Anubis is known as "a god half a dog, a dog half a man". Anubis lives in California. He is guarding his owner. His call name is Bear.

Grand Central Asians Aphrodite
Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty and pleasure. She is a Roman equivalent of Venus. She lives in North Carolina on a farm. Her job is to guard her owner and her livestock. Her call name is Appy. 

Grand Central Asians Apollo
Apollo is a many-talented Greek god of prophecy, music, intellectual pursuits, healing, plague, and sometimes, the sun. Apollo lives now on the coast of the Arabian Sea. He teaches modern people the Old Way so they can be better integrated with Life. His call name is Po. Follow him here.

Grand Central Asians Artemis
Artemis is a goddess of transitions, a hunter, a virgin, and one of the goddesses who assists at childbirth. She was on the Trojan side in
Homer's Iliad. Artemis lives in Canada.

Grand Central Asians Athena
Athena is an important Greek goddess. She is the patron goddess of the city-state of Athens, the goddess of wisdom, a goddess of arts and crafts (agriculture, navigation, spinning, weaving, and needlework), the favorite daughter of her father Zeus, and, as a war goddess with a focus on strategy more than bloodshed, an active participant in the Trojan War. ATHENA IS OUR KEEPER. Read more about her here.

Grand Central Asians Aurora
Aurora is the Roman goddess of dawn and it is always darkest before dawn. She renews herself each morning.

Aurora lives now in New Mexico.  Her call name is Asia.