We are expecting this litter to be of moderate temperament. Saba and Gryf are stable dogs with true to breed temperament. Even though we say "moderate", we expect them to be serious and confident while likely to be very well behaved in public. Obviously, there are way too many factors at play to be able to predict that with certainty.

Both parents are moderate in size. They have, however, both produced puppies that are larger than themselves. This is litter is bitter sweet because this is likely Saba's last litter. She produced some wonderful puppies including several UKC champions and UKC Top Ten. 

Both Saba and Gryf are very athletic dogs. Saba is more territorial. Gryf is very confident. Gryf is probably the most confident dog we own. He is very relaxed, confident in his capabilities and only engages when necessary. Saba does well  in public but is not accepting of visitors (mostly due to her upbringing). She is non responsive to strangers in public environment unless there is a threat. Gryf does fine in public, even in crowded public spaces. He is tolerant of strangers on property if properly introduced. We believe the temperament of the puppies will be suitable for variety of situations. Puppies will be sold to approved homes only. Please apply

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