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Ancestors of the C litter

We are thrilled to announce that we have a litter of puppies from a great connection between Ashdar Bas Tutan (import from Europe) and Wiktoria Avendesora Poland known as Saba.  Ashdar comes from old Turkmen lines. His sire, C-Lubim Medzhal Ala, is known in Europe for being a stud who gives life to healthy and versatile offspring. His offspring  lives in variety environments from hot to very cold, they are companion dogs, show dogs and livestock guardians.  We absolutely adore C-Lubim and he is one of the many reasons why we bred to this line. Ashdar's dam, also comes from a very old and healthy line. She made an excellent guardian. Ashdar's dam had him and his  brother Ahur at 9 years of age. This is a great testament to health and longevity of Ashdar's lines. Ashdar's brother, Ahur, is an LGD while Ashdar is a personal guardian. This is Ashdar's first litter of puppies. Ashdar is a tall, lean, athletic male with a guardy temperament. Saba on the other hand, is our female whom we imported from Poland. She is also extremely athletic and quite territorial. She is very well behaved off property. She is a happy female with lots of love for life. You can read about her in our a section about our females. It is her second litter. Her first litter is an exceptional one. We strongly recommend you check out her first litter, litter A

We believe that Saba and Ashdar are a great match on many levels, their looks and body structure are very much in line of their Turkmen ancestors and alike to one another; their temperaments are guardy and stand-offish toward strangers especially on property which is in line with the breed. Finally, their ancestors are known for longevity and health. We expect this litter to be of great structure and temperament.

Below, you can review litter announcements and images of ancestors of our new born puppies as well as the significance behind their names. We named this litter after C Constellations thanks to our neighbor's idea.
As always, we have done in depth pedigree research so you can review pictures of the  many generations of ancestors.  Below the litter announcements, pedigrees and pictures of the ancestors, you can find pictures and videos of the current litter for sale.

Litter C announcement and pedigrees

Litter C: Constellations! Parents: Ashdar Bas Tutan x Wiktoria Avendesora Poland

Puppies from C Litter. Click on an image to enlarge.

Litter C: Constellations.  

All information comes from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of  Astronomy's information on constellations. Direct quotations comes from University associated links, specifically Peoria Astronomical Society.

Cassiopeia, the Queen, is visible in the Northern Hemisphere all year long. Cassiopeia is known as the Celestial W when below the pole and the Celestia M when above it. Cassiopeia is bound to her chair and forever circles the pole with her head downward. A fitting punishment by the Nereids (Sea Nymphys) for her boast of being more beautiful than all the Nereids. Cassiopeia was the wife of Cepheus and mother of Andromeda.For more information, please click here.

Canis Major, the Greater Dog is visible in the Northern Hemisphere from December - March, and visible in the Southern Hemisphere between November and April. Canis Major has since ancient times been the dog of Orion. Canis is forever in pursuit of the Hare (Lepus). The belt stars in Orion point to Sirius (the Dog Star), which we draw as the nose of the dog. The Egyptians saw the star rising as the season of flooding on the Nile began. For more information, please see here.

Caelum, the Sculptor's Chisel, is visible in Northern Latitudes (to 63 degrees North) and from Southern Latitudes ( to 43 degrees South) from November - January. Caelum was invented by Lacaille between 1751 and 1752 on his trip to the Cape of Good Hope. For more information, please click here.

Cepheus, the King, is visible in the Northern Hemisphere all year long. Cepheus was one of the Argonauts. He was the king of Ethiopia, the husband of Cassiopeia and the father of Andromeda. Our stories of him derive from Greek mythology, but his constellation originated with the Babylonians. For more information, please click here.

Crux, the Southern Cross, is visible from latitudes south of 25 degrees North and completely invisible in latitudes above 35 degrees North. Crux was unknown to the ancient world, Ptolemy drew it as part of Centaur in the original 48 constellations, The Romans called it Thronis Caesaris in honor of emperor Augustus, although Crux is invisible in Italy, it was visible from Alexandaria. Another interesting sidelight is that Crux was last seen in Jerusalem (latitude 31 degrees, 46 minutes, and 45 seconds) about the time that Christ was crucified. The invention of Crux is generally attributed to Royer in 1679, but we know it was written about some two centuries earlier than that. Amerigo Vespucci has references in his ships logs from 1507 to Crux. Crux was an aid to early sailors, the southern hemisphere does not have a bright star near the south pole, so many used Crux which is some 25 degrees from true south, they would draw a line using the stars in the cross to the south pole and could then make a determination of their position. For more information, please click here.

Cetus, the whale or the sea monster, is the fabled creature sent by Neptune to devour Andromeda. Cetus was turned to stone when Perseus showed the monster the head of Medusa. Pliney and Solinus wrote that the monsters bones were taken to Rome by Scaurus, the skeleton measured forty feet in length and the vertebrae were six feet in circumference. Cetus actually occurs in writing long before the Greeks, and some debate has ensued whether the sea monster was actually Draco, Hydra or Serpens. Cetus is drawn sometimes swimming in the river Eridanus, but is more usually drawn resting on the banks of the river with its forepaws dipping into the river. Cetus is a large constellation, occupying 50 degrees in length and 20 degrees in width of the sky, yet it has no stars brighter than 2nd magnitude, and only one of 2nd magnitude.For more information, please see the original website.

Corvus, the Crow, is visible in the Northern Hemisphere from January until May If you live in the lower latitudes. Corvus, the Crow is a sacred bird of Phoebus Apollo in connection with giving prophetic functions. His wings were originally silver but were turned to black when he delivered bad news concerning the unfaithfulness of Cornis to Apollo. Another story is where the bird is sent for a cup of water and returned to Apollo late, a water-snake in its grasp and a lie in its mouth. As punishment Apollo banished the bird to the stars just out of reach of a cup of water, which is guarded by Hydra.For more information, please click here.

Centaurus, the Centaur is one of the largest constellations in the sky covering some 60 degrees. There are several stories of centaurs in Greek mythology and it is generally thought that the constellation refers to Chiron, the king of the centaurs. Chiron was the son of Chronos and Philyra, the sea nymph, she was turned into a Linden tree shortly after Chirons birth. Philyra was sometimes drawn with Chrion on early maps of the cestial sphere. Chiron is credited for first leading the mortals to righteousness, by teaching them to tell the truth. In early drawings of this constellation, two centaurs are shown, the other one is thought to be Pholos. Chiron was the inventor of the constellations, he was proficient in music, botany, astronomy, devination and medicine and the teacher of Achillies. Pholos was the teacher of Hercules. Hercules accidentaly killed his friend Pholos with one of his poisoned tipped arrows, and during the meelee, he accidentaly wounded Chiron, since Chiron was immortal, he could not die from his wounds, and was in such pain and agony that Prometeus offered to exchange his immortality so that Chiron could find peace. Chiron was transferred to the constellations by Zeus. From this, Prometeus inherited Chirons astronomical abilities and his immortality.For more information, please click here.